Ramanathan SM

Chief Manager - Operations & Sales

Ramanathan has more than 22 years of experience in VFX, Marketing and Sales for multi-million dollar brands and startups, Ramanathan knows what truly drives conversions, marketing and sales. He has functioned in many roles during his vast experience in Visual Effects Industry. As Head of Sales, he has been instrumental in the awards and strategy of all of AJAX work. Ramanathan currently serves as General Manager Sales & Business Development, managing both day-to-day bidding activities and broader strategic sales and marketing objectives for the business.


Frances MB

Production Supervisor

Frances has more than 10 years experience in visual effects production on feature films, television and commercials projects across the Globe, a passion for the visual effects industry and has held a wide-ranging roles from supervision to production. Frances is responsible for the internal schedule, budget, crewing of projects, monitoring assigned projects-enabling his team of artists to focus on producing world-class imagery, while also being a main contact with the client, ensuring their creative and budgetary needs are met. His daily work revolves around managing a team of talented Artists and Supervisors on upcoming AJAX visual effects projects.